specializes in concealed carry vests and sons of anarchy vests. We also offer concealed carry purses.

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At we specialize in concealed carry vests, men’s, women’s, summer concealed carry leather vests and tactical vests. Besides leather vests, we also carry textile, canvas and denim. We have also sold Sons of Anarchy vests for several years. You will be able to find the perfect SOA vest. We have learned from our customers over the years what they seek in concealed carry products. We have narrowed our inventory to reflect those favorites. This allows us to fulfill the needs of our customers and reduce returns and exchanges because we get it right the first time.

Some of our most popular concealed carry and Sons of Anarchy vests are as follows; for a popular motorcycle club vest try mv303-04 and mv8001-01 Both are soft milled cowhide leather and have a one piece back panel for motorcycle club colors and patches. For our Sons of Anarchy vests try mv320 and mv320-ss-zip-2. Both SOA vests have hidden snaps and one has a zipper as well. Both are concealed carry vests. For lightweight or summer leather vests try mv301-04. For a women’s vest try lv8506-01. It features a full lining, multiple pockets and side laces. It also makes a great club vest. Try our SOA denim vest MV5150-BLK.

No matter what style or fabric you’re looking for in a vest, we have got you covered. Please enjoy our site and remember we donate a portion of our profits to St. Judes Children’s Hospital. Thank you!

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Sons of Anarchy Concealed Carry Vest

Sons of Anarchy Concealed Carry Vest

$69.95 This Vest is based on the style they wear on the tv show Sons of Anarchy and is made of top grade naked cowhide leather.The sons of anarchy vest as our customers have come to call it also has a one piece back panel for club colors and patches.It is also a concealed carry vest. This SOA vest has 4 hidden snaps and a zipper. It is fully lined. The SOA vest features 2 front pockets. available size small, medium, large, xl,2xl,3xl,4xl, 5xl and 6xl.

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